Ballistic Protection

Bullet Resistant

Window Film

fit to any window or pane shape

simple application and maintenance
multiple protection level options
Fast Procurement
Design team to assist with layout
precise protection and full coverage

Installation support nationwide

USA Made

Our Ballistic Resistant Window Film is manufactured in the United States, with certified installation by FSJ Tactical. We are experts in occupied facility installation; expect minimal to no interruption to operations.

Enhanced Safety

FSJ Tactical Security Film helps mitigate the risk of injury or damage by reducing the likelihood of projectiles penetrating through the glass. Windows of any age can be fortified with our security film.

Theft Mitigation

Bullet-resistant window film reinforces existing glass, making it more difficult for intruders to gain unauthorized access through windows. This added layer of protection can deter criminal activity and enhance the security of a building or facility.

Lifecycle Cost Reduction

Installing bullet-resistant security film is often more cost-effective than replacing existing windows with bulletproof glass. It allows for the reinforcement of standard glass surfaces without the need for extensive renovations, saving both time and money.

Invisible Security

Unlike bulky security measures such as bars or grilles, bullet-resistant window film provides protection without altering the appearance of windows. It maintains visibility and aesthetic appeal while still offering reliable security.

UV Protection

In addition to its ballistic resistance properties, FSJ Tactical security films also offer UV protection. This feature helps reduce fading and damage caused by harmful UV rays, prolonging the lifespan of furnishings and interior decor while occupants enjoy daylighting.

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