Ballistic Resistant

Wall Panels

+ Window Film

fit to any existing wall or window

simple application and maintenance
multiple protection level options
Fast Procurement
Design team to assist with layout
precise protection and full coverage

installation support nationwide

Apply to any existing wall surface - adds UL Level 3 to UL Level 8 ballistic protection to your facility.

Customizable surface and shape options to conform with any building design.

Available nationwide - receive design and installation support from our talented team.

Options for funding - grants and perimeter safety funds may be available in your state.


The National Center for Education Statistics found that in 2019, the number of students reporting fear of a potential active shooter situation doubled from the year prior, further impacting educator retention. Providing peace of mind to facility occupants supports valuable retention and differentiates your commitment to safety.

Security walls and security glass provides additional protection from hurricanes and tornados, increasing resilience and minimizing costly losses in regions where natural disaster threats are more frequent. Walshield+ provides additional protection from UL Level 3A to UL Level 8 ballistic resistance.
Bullet Resistant Security FilmAdd to any existing glass panel
Our bullet resistant wall and window products are manufactured in the United States, with shipping and installation coordinated on your behalf by our team.
Security Film

Walshield and Walshield+ provide a physical barrier against ballistic threats, forced entry, and vandalism. Our Security Wall Panels and Security Window Film will enhance the overall safety and security of the premises, protecting occupants and assets from potential harm.

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